Which Person is Which in Writing?

In public relations, you’re writing skills can make a big impression on those who read your work. Different pieces require different styles of writing. Knowing the difference in first, second and third person is a must when creating press releases, feature stories, newsletters, and other types of PR documents.

Here are the different “person” ways of writing that you need to know:

First person: First person writing is writing as if you are the one telling the story. It uses words like “I”, “We”, “Us” or “Ours”. In most cases, PR writing usually stays away from this style.

Second person: Using second person writing, you are addressing your audience as readers. This style uses words like “You” and “Yours”. This style can be used in feature stories and newsletters.

Third person: Lastly, we have third person. This is when writing is told from the outside. This includes words like “He”, “She”, “It”, “They” and “Theirs”. This style is used a lot in public relations and includes pieces like news releases and media advisories.


Image source

Remember, it can be easy to make the mistake of switching between voices. Don’t start off using “I” or “We” and then change to “You” or “Yours”. Keep it consistent and it will be less confusing!

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