Why Isn’t Social Media Taught in High School?

Throughout my college education, I have had to take several courses either completely comprised of lessons in social media, or the topic being a major focus in the course. Minoring in applied communications, knowing how to utilize different social media platforms to best serve my client will be critical is being successful at my job. This got me wondering though, in what profession these days is knowing how to use social media not a requirement?


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It seems that no matter what industry you decide to go into, employers want employees who know about the different social media sites, and how to use those sites either for publicity, interacting with consumers, and listening what their publics/stakeholders are saying about the organization. With this becoming a basic necessity to be hired in mostly any job, why isn’t social media and how to best use it in the work force not being taught in high school?

The goal of what is taught throughout high school is to prepare students for their future career. A decade or two ago, it could be argued that knowing how to use social media for a job would only be crucial for some industries, such as public relations, marketing, and advertising. Therefor, waiting until college to take these courses could be argued.

However, I believe times have shifted. Understanding social media platforms is now becoming a minimum requirement to get your foot in the door at nearly any job.  I think it would be greatly beneficial to start introducing courses to students at an earlier age, not only because it is a skill set needed in today’s workforce, but would also emphasize the importance of being professional on these sites at an earlier age.

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