Tips to Keep in Mind When Conducting an Interview

If you are in the field of PR, interviews can make for great content. Blog posts, feature stories, or including it in a quarterly newsletter can all be great outlets to present your interview.


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Here are just a few tips to keep in mind when interviewing!

1. Have a list of your interview questions- Start with putting your questions down on paper. This list can be a great starting point, and then expanding on these and being flexible when the interviewee answers.

2. Tell the interviewee why it matters- Explain why you think this content is important and how they or their audience will benefit from it.

3. Conduct research prior to the interview- Be prepared. Do background research so you know what questions to ask, what areas are important in their field, and can help you prepare questions that matter. The person you are interviewing took time out of their schedule, so taking the time to know what you are talking/asking about is important.

4. Have a mix of factual and opinion based questions- When creating your interview questions, include not only questions that deal with the facts, but also questions expanding on their personal thoughts about the issue. What makes this issue important? Why does the reader need to care about it?

5. Avoid using yes/no questions and think of what your reader would want to know- Use open-ended questions that let the interviewee express a more detailed answer. If your audience /readers were doing the interview, what questions would they ask?

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