The Start of a New Year, The Start of New Possibilities

Let me first introduce myself to all of you who have stumbled across this blog!

My name is Alexis Mueller and I am currently a senior at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. I am 28 years old and live in Alton Illinois. I am majoring in sociology and minoring in applied communications and plan to graduate by the summer of 2019! I was born in Florida, and have lived all over the United States, including Florida, California, New York, South Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, and now Illinois.


My education journey has been a long road, with a 5-year break after my sophomore year in college between 2012-2017, due to becoming paralyzed from the waist down. It took some time to adjust, and honestly, everyday brings new obstacles. However, with those obstacles come accomplishments and lessons learned. I am extremely excited to finish this chapter in my life and begin a new one in my future career. After graduation I am hoping to find a job in the PR/Communications industry, and one that I can work at from home.

As we start this new year of 2018, I wanted to create a blog as a way to discuss topics in my career field- focusing on public relations, the communications field, and sociology, along with posts on personal interests and current events in St. Louis. My personal interests include fitness, IIFYM, food, St. Louis Cardinals, social media, and movies, so you can expect some see some posts on those topics in the future!

New blog posts will be posted on Tuesdays. If you have any questions, just ask! If you have suggestions, feel free to comment! I can’t wait to have Tuesday Talks with each one of you reading this!


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